Waterproofing Warranty

Foundation RX offers permanent surgery for your ailing home, and a Life of Structure Warranty to back it all up. Call our experts to learn more.

Get a 5-Star Waterproofing Warranty from the Proven Team of Crawl Space & Foundation Repair Experts at FoundationRX!

These guys are Lifesavers- Great customer service and solid team of workers that finally got my crawl space fixed. No more smell or leaking.
Carl Berger, Satisfied Customer

Is Your Home Suffering from Crawl Space Problems? Foundation RX Has the Prescription!

A wet and musty Crawl Space can cause significant problems to your West Georgia home, not the least of which are structural issues, wood rot, and even foundational collapse. FoundationRX specializes in stabilizing your home from the foundation up, regardless of the conditions of your crawls space. We have the right prescription to save your home and improve your health and the health of your family! Our crawl space encapsulation process seals your home off from the damp earth under your home, as well as the moist outside air. This process, as well as or our basement waterproofing process, will help your foundational areas maintain a much more consistent temperature and humidity level year-round. It will also stop the ongoing onslaught of the elements against your foundation, and improve the air circulation of your home. If all that wasn’t enough, our Life of Structure Warranty will give you peace of mind for years to come. You won’t find another foundation repair and waterproofing company like FoundationRX, and you won’t find another waterproofing warranty like ours.

Got Sagging Floor Problems in Your West Georgia Home? Foundation RX Can Help Today!

Does your home have a problem with sagging or unlevel floors? If you drop a marble in the kitchen, does it slide all the way to the laundry room? We can help. Our FRX Crawl Space Stabilizer Posts will permanently stabilize and level your floors. Our floor leveling process comes with a Life of Structure warranty that will give you peace of mind in knowing that you never have to worry about your floors sagging or sloping again from foundational issues. Don’t trust such an important repair to an inexperienced contractor, our experts have a longer track record of success than any other local foundation repair company. A strong foundation is truly the centerpiece of maintaining the structural integrity of your home and the health & safety of your family. Call us today for a free estimate and let us show you how our FRX Posts or any of our other basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, floor leveling, or foundation repair services can permanently stabilize your home’s floors.